Fast, frictionless, self-service borrowing for small businesses.

Earn SME loyalty with an intuitive, end-to-end lending platform that lets you quickly and reliably deliver access to capital.

Small- and mid-sized businesses often find themselves unable to quickly access capital to manage cashflow and effectively grow their business. By offering faster applications, quick credit decisions and a smooth onboarding process, you can become a valuable partner that your clients depend on for stability and growth.

Here’s how it works.


Provide a truly borrower-centric lending experience.

Combining seamless onboarding, a self-service portal, and end-to-end automation lets borrowers access capital the moment they need it. No more stress-inducing approvals or tedious back-and-forth. Also, by freeing up operational resources, you’re able to play a stronger advisory role in their financial journeys.

Help clients grow

Using our intuitive portal, your clients can apply for a loan, get a quick credit decision and then receive their funds—letting them plan for the future with consistency and confidence. When you do need to communicate with clients, the portal lets you do so with ease, either directly or through a broker, ensuring the seamless service your borrowers expect from a reliable partner.

Keep your technology flexible

With a configurable, modular lending platform, you can adapt to the changing needs and demands of SMEs and regulators. Our cloud-based, flexible solution makes it simple to roll out new lending products, alter existing loans, and ensure relevant and positive borrower experiences.

Robust API infrastructure

With a comprehensive feature set you can meet nearly any lending need and provide positive, seamless, friction-free experiences.


We’ve created a loan approval process that is 100% transparent. Cloud Lending also creates new efficiencies on the backend, allowing us to pass savings on to our customers, who are now getting superior experiences, competitive interest rates, faster payoffs, and no fees.


Origination made easy

Our leasing solution can be integrated with either your existing origination platform or our in-house origination and underwriting platform. With our solution, you’ll be able to set up online leasing portals and automate origination by gathering decisioning data from multiple sources and automatically generating contracts for e-signatures.


Integrate collections

Our modular approach to leasing and lending lets you plug into our agile collections solution, creating a seamless integration between collections and the rest of your leasing workflow. You’ll be able to simply define and automate your collections process, ensure your compliance team adheres to regulations, and provide a consistent lessee experience from start to finish.


SME Lending is just one piece of a comprehensive commercial solution set. Effectively serve account holders and transform their lives with our other commercial solution set.

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Turn complexity into opportunity.

Commercial loans can be complex, but they don’t have to be painful. Reduce complexity and increase visibility throughout the lending process with automated, configurable solutions. You’ll manage risk more precisely, close more loans faster and build better customer relationships.

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Set a new standard in asset finance.

Companies like yours have already begun to disrupt the lending market with digital, on-demand loan services, instant approval and faster access to cash. You’ve gained a foothold, but to effectively compete with highly capitalised banks, fintechs need ways to scale compliantly, continuously evolve their product offerings and meet customer demands.

Businesses need you now more than ever.

Help them navigate the changes happening all around them—and those that aren’t yet on their radar. They need you to be an agent of change.

You can’t do it alone—but you won’t be.

Let’s do this.

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